VOM DAVALOS GERMAN SHEPHERDS, is a small QUALITY & SELECTIVE BREEDING KENNEL, for the best west German show lines with strong working abilities. Our main goal is  to maintain the highest quality and standards in the breed. WE  ARE  A  HOBBY  BREEDERS WITH OVER 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.
     The well balanced temperament between working ability & conformation it's our best.
We breed for conformation large bones within the standards, all of our breeding stock are sired by VA males rated in the German Sieger Shows:  2X WORLD CHAMPIOM VEGAS DU HAUT MASARD, 2 X TIMES WORLD CHAMPIOM YASKO VOM FARBEMSPIEL , VA1 Pakros D' Ulmental, 2 X WORLD CHAMPIOM. VA1 Larus Von Batu ,  VA3 Enschi von der Piste Trophe. VA2 ODIN  vom Holtkämper Hof  VA2  Quenn v.Löher Weg,  VA2 Hill vom Farbenspiel, VA2 Timo Vom Berrekasten, VA5 Kevin Vom Murrtal, VA4 Ando Vom Altenberger Land, VA Nando v. Gollerweiher, VA8 Neptun Von Bad-Boll, VA8HEXE VOM STEFFEN HAUS, VA10 Orbit Von Tronje, VA Whisky Vom Bierstadter Hof. Hips & Elbows certified by SV (Germany) & OFA (USA), also we employ the German Zuchtwert hip dysplasia ratings in a effort to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia in the breed.
      As a veterinarian I exaggerate the medical care of my dogs.
My experience with german shepherds begins on 1990 with my 2 first german shepherds females "Bety" and "Emy" in my beautiful land (Riobamba - Ecuador - Sud America) since then my passion for the breed increase constantly looking for the best of the best.

Julio & Emy 1994
  Puppies are available all year around we import adult dogs from the top kennels in Germany